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CT DCP REG. # HCA.0000163

Talk to us! 203-748-0103

More than just your companions.

It’s nice to have someone to keep you company — even just during the day. When your family members are out to work or going to school, it can be quite lonely to stay alone at home. Our companions will be there for you and reduce the loneliness you feel while your family is away.

Companions can also keep clients company in their home if they are living independently from their loved ones who may be in a different state or location.

Senior Woman Playing Jigsaw Puzzle On Table With Her Nurse

We provide:

  • Dedicated support and attention
  • Light physical exercises or workouts
  • Recreational Activities such as board games, cards, puzzles, etc.
  • Arts and crafts
  • Painting
  • Poetry reading
  • Accompanied visits to the doctor or the dentist
  • Meal Preparation

If your loved one could use home health or home care in Connecticut or a companion at home, please get in touch with us at 203-748-0103 to request for a care provider to be assigned. We thank you for entrusting your loved one to At-HomeCare of CT, LLC.